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The Beauty of Stone in Landscapes

outdoor living space_stream closeup_ponds and water features_waterfalls in your backyard

A rock is more than a rock here at Eagleson Landscape Co., it’s a potential point of beauty in a landscape. Boulders naturalize, define, and add beauty to a yard in much the same way they do in the wilderness. There are dozens of different types of rocks and boulders to bring into a landscape, and many different ways and reasons to integrate them.

Uses of Boulders in Landscape

Stone is found everywhere in nature, and spreading boulders around a yard creates a naturalized feel. Rocks can also complement your patio, deck, fire pit or fireplace.

Landscape Design | Boulder Wall

For the project shown above, we built a boulder focal point between two retaining walls. It broke up what would have been a closed-in design, instead giving the corner an organic touch.

stone in landscape

Boulders can also be used as retaining walls themselves. Above, the plant bed needed stability and structure, but our clients liked the idea of a more natural look with boulders more than a straight, plain built wall.

Hardscapes | spread steps and stones

This patio is made entirely of large slabs of natural stone, rather than pavers. It allows for plants to pop up in more random places, and the open layout prompts wandering around the yard.

outdoor living space_ponds and water features_waterfalls in your backyard

And of course rocks are essential to natural-looking water features. Not only is the core water feature important, but boulders and slabs placed around the feature help blend it into the land.

How Eagleson Landscape Co. Uses Boulders

We draw on natural landscapes we have hiked and loved in the Adirondacks and Brown County, observing what mother nature does herself and imitating it. We pay attention to details like using both small and large rocks, especially in our water features, and even noticing where rocks can possibly go together. Our goal is to build water features in such a way that it appears original to the land. Below, it appears that one rock has split in two naturally down the middle, but in fact these are two separate rocks we placed together.

split rock

Bill has internalized a process for placing boulders that involves him wandering the yard looked for places where it makes sense for stone to be, trying out what looks right and what combinations work. At the same time, if the client already has a large limestone wall around their home for example, our rock choices would match the look, spreading limestone to other parts of the landscape. Our stone installations always have a purpose, and are installed properly. That means we don’t drop it on the ground so it looks like it was left behind. We set in into the land, making it look like it has sat in its place for years.

Boulders add a great point of interest all year, allowing character, colors and textures to pop out amidst a backdrop of plants. There are tons of different types of rocks to choose from, and we love showing our clients how a simple specimen can bring so much to the design. Whether we are installing a wall, façade, or perfect spread of boulders, we build it to last. If you are looking for an experienced landscaper and designer, you can call us at (317) 997-4803 or contact us.

Eagleson Landscape Company provides landscape and hardscape services in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers and Geist.

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