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July 31, 2017
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August 7, 2017
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Landscape Design Project: Creating Vastness in a Backyard

Landscape Design | Vast Landscape Design

Many landscape design projects start out small, but expand as we work with our clients to improve their outdoors. A family in Zionsville called us initially to fix a failing wall surrounding their pool. Many corners had been cut in its original construction by previous owners, and there were some design issues as well: the wall behind the diving board had been built impractically tall, and was falling over. As we talked with our clients about what they truly envisioned, our project list grew. The yard behind the pool was filled with a black fence and beds of gravel filled with giant, ugly shrubs they didn’t like. Their stairs and paths connecting the house to the pool were made of bland concrete, and, aside from the shrubs, they had nothing in the way of plant beauty. Overall, their backyard felt cramped and unnaturally industrial.

Landscape Design | Before

With our clients, we created a new design that would fix the wall and beautify the staircases and walkways, while adding a fire pit space and new unique, colorful plants that fit their low-maintenance needs.

Landscape Design | in progress

The project site had a lot going on, both with new construction and tearing out old structures, and we were reminded why professionalism is so important in our line of work. The main power feed to the house had not been buried properly, and although we had an inspection and marking done, we still struck it while digging. It is vital to have lines checked and marked, even before you plant a tree. Fortunately, our process requires us to always be careful and alert, which in this case kept anyone from harm.

Landscape Design | Terraced Wall

We replaced the towering wall with a terraced design, a more polished look that also feels more inviting. While the base is no further back from the pool than the original wall, the fact that it only rises to hip-level makes the space more open. You don’t feel like the wall is pushing you into the pool!
Landscape Design | Space

We rebuilt the other walls with longevity and consistency in mind. Our clients’ deck was being redone at the same time, and we were able to incorporate stonework on the base of the pillars to match the wall.

Landscape Design | Pillar plus Wall

We built the stairs in our classic sandstone style. The concrete walkways we replaced with pavers in a pattern that matched the pool walls.

Landscape Design | Gravel Beds

In one corner of the pool area, Sam Eagleson had the idea to connect the two walls in a unique way—with boulders.

Landscape Design | Boulder Wall

We could have easily connected the two walls in a typical fashion, but the boulders act as a much more interesting focal point, and do a good job of keeping an open and natural feel around the pool. A little spark of creativity can go a long way in making a space that much more beautiful.

We removed the gravel beds, shrubs and fence, planting grass seed everywhere, which opened their backyard immensely. The gravel did not go to waste—we used it in the new plant beds around the walls, and to create a simple fire pit area.

Landscape Design | fire pit

We placed more boulders along the new beds, selecting low-maintenance plants like salvia, juniper, roses, butterfly bush and daylilies. We also brought in a weeping pine, a purple beech, and a few Japanese maples; their unusual shapes and leaves add character as well as color.

Landscape Design | Walkways

Our client loves to cook with spicy flavors, and was growing his own peppers in pots on the deck. We found another place to plant his fiery crop in the new landscape so he could easily take care of them while clearing his deck space.

Landscape Design | Peppers

What started out as one fix became a complete backyard makeover. By removing the elements that made their outdoors feel closed in, we created a landscape that looks and feels vast, layered with many natural textures and colors.

Finding your yard too claustrophobic? You can email us, or call (317) 997-4803.

Eagleson Landscape Company provides landscape and hardscape services in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers and Geist.

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