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May 18, 2015
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Landscape Project Highlight: Resplendent Victorian House Rediscovers Its Roots

Eagleson Landscape

At Eagleson Landscape, we work closely with our clients to help them develop their ideal yard. Most people will have more projects than budget, but that can be less of a problem if you plan in phases. And because desires and tastes change over time, it makes sense to think of landscapes as long-term projects. Landscapes that are fully developed through this method can add a lot of value to a home. Our client’s home in downtown Carmel is the perfect example of a long-term project that has undergone many changes and growth since the design’s inception. The house is a pre-1880 Victorian home with a rich history and furnished inside with period décor. The owner loves Victorian styles, and wanted her yard to match the house, making the entire home a period-accurate masterpiece. With the long-term in mind, we have been working with her on this extensive design for about four years.

We were first brought in to the scene to install a patio. She wanted to use pavers made of travertine, a white material that had several advantages she valued—it is cooler in the full sun than other materials, is very durable, and most importantly matched the Victorian style of the house. The patio included various seating walls and columns, capped by limestone custom-made for this project.

Eagleson Landscape

We also built steps to her back porch to match the new patio.

Limestone Capped Steps | Eagleson Landscape

The next project had us creating three brick walks: one in the front, one at the side, and one leading through the back yard. To keep the feel of age, we chose worn and faded bricks. We also laid a patio around a concrete urn, which serves as a striking focal point in the design of the yard.

Victorian Brickwork | Eagleson Landscape

The brickwork around the urn is typical of Victorian design.

It was a team effort to create this period garden. The client, with her knowledge of the era, knew what she wanted and not only provided a good design plan, but also statues, planters and other pieces that helped tie together the theme of the yard.

Victorian Garden | Eagleson Landscape

Here you can see the client had planted a boxwood hedge to create an allee, a path over which arches trees or shrubs. We worked around this hedge when we created the brick patio and walkway.

The next phases for the yard did not require heavy involvement on our part, but throughout we provided maintenance, plant delivery and some plantings, as well as meeting various other needs the client could not do herself. When our client began work on her Victorian arbor in the very back of her yard, we prepared the base for a granite-tiled patio which was to be the floor of the arbor, and one of the Eagleson crew helped lay the tile. However, our client designed the patio herself, creating a beautifully detailed patio appropriate for a Victorian design.

Diamond Patterned Path | Eagleson Landscape

Victorian Granite Patio | Eagleson Landscape

Granite Patio | Eagleson Landscape

This landscape project required a lot of custom work, all trying to keep a feel of age in each feature. We accomplished this goal by working closely with the client through every phase, keeping to the long-term plan. Though we’ve been adding to this landscape slowly, and the client is not quite finished with its development, the client’s overall concept allowed this Victorian-styled home to grow into a lovely design, and it will be a beautiful place for years to come.

Questions about this project? Contact us via email or call us at (317) 997-4803. You can also read more about this project here.


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