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Carmel Indiana, Eagleson Landscape Co.’s original home, holds a special place in our hearts as the city we lived and worked in for the first 20 years of our company’s existence. We have never strayed far from where we have made countless client relationships, improving the look of their lawns through yard maintenance, landscapes and hardscapes. We have helped develop countless Carmel landscaping projects, creating outdoor spaces they never thought they could have. Whether it’s upgrading your pool deck and patio, installing water features and plants, or providing you with tailored yard maintenance ranging from a simple clean-up to a full scale makeover, we can help you grow your landscape into something lasting and beautiful.

Carmel Landscaping Design and Installation:

Trained and educated landscape designers will create the best possible look for your home or business. Going beyond the paper drawing, Eagleson Landscape Co. has an intimate understanding of what we are installing. This relationship with flora comes from years of study and working hands-on with plants, discerning what really flourishes in our area. Click here to see more of the project picture above.

Carmel Patio Projects and Hardscapes:

Patios, walkways, pool decks, water features, pergolas and outdoor living spaces—what we can envision together is the only limit to what we can install. Projects in Old Town Carmel, West Clay and many other neighborhoods have tested our creative range. Formal French gardens, English gardens and natural or rustic appearances are only a few of the design directions we have taken with our clients. We work with you to make stepping out of your front or back door worthwhile, while also increasing the value of your home! Click here to see more of the project picture above.

Spring Cleaning

Carmel Yard Maintenance:

Not everyone likes gardening or the outdoors. Let’s face it, time is precious and you have other pressing matters. A yard can still be appealing without tearing out and replacing your landscape! We can keep your lawn green and thick, and with some pruning, weeding and watering, we let your other plants grow to their full potential. A yearly maintenance regime will make you wonder if you are at the right address! Hire our team to get the most out of your current landscape.

What Landscape Maintenance Means to Eagleson Landscaping Co.

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