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March 6, 2017
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March 13, 2017
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Landscaping Design: Ode to the Circle

ode to circles | Landscaping Design

Though simple, the circle has become scarce in hardscaping projects—our suppliers tell us we are one of the few landscapers who still use circle patterns in our work. And what a shame! Circles are fairly straightforward to create using circle kits which provide pre-cut bricks made to fit together in concentric rings. Years ago we discovered circle kits and have used them in countless patio designs.

landscaping design_flowery circles

Creative use of circles paired with rectangle or square pavers add character to a space without adding much expense. We like to blend circle kits together, as well as use partial circles to break up a patio. The project below is a good example of how we blend designs. We call it the PAC-MAN patio, as one partial circle looks like it’s eating the main circle patio. The couple we built this patio for loved the design, and it suited their yard and other features of their landscape as well.

landscaping design_circles

We build the majority of our fire pit areas with circles on the brain. Many clients like the look of a circular fire pit, and it just makes sense aesthetically to mirror that shape in the surroundings. Seating walls framing our fire pit areas tend to be curved, and the pavers directly around the fire pit are also often circular. The main body of the patio, however, will be a different though complimentary style of paver to make the fire pit area distinct. The mix of shapes works well in many spaces.

landscaping design_circles

Another way to use circles is by cutting them in half and placing them around a patio or paved walk to break up the monotonous rectangles. We call these half-circles “medallions”.

landscaping design_patio

Circles don’t have to come from circle kits. We have used natural stone to create circles and curves around planting beds, and to create fire pits as well. Even without the help of stone, we can create curved or circle plant beds for a more organic-styled backyard.

When we create hardscapes, the end result we are after is a space that suits our clients’ taste, and makes spending time in their yard easy and pleasant. Playing with the shapes and materials of pavers helps us find the right combination to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Eagleson Landscape Company provides landscape and hardscape services in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers and Geist.

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