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Project Highlight: Integrating an Outdoor Living Space into a Natural Yard
July 21, 2016
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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
July 25, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Redhot Poker

My dearest sister has left the states for a year in Japan to teach English!! She will be missed by everyone here at Eagleson Landscape Co. and we all wish her the very best in all of her endeavors. I certainly will miss my sister, but what is a brother sister relationship without some playful poking and prodding?! This weeks Plant of the Week is all about being loud, standing out and grabbing attention. This week we will talk about Kniphofia uvaria or Redhot Poker.

Why Plant Redhot Poker?

The brilliant color of their blooms is something not frequently seen here in Indiana. Cone shaped Flowers stand tall at about 3 feet on sturdy stalks and are like a beacon of light in your garden. Ranging from red, orange, yellow and cream you can easily bring a warm touch to your garden. Extremely easy to grow, gardeners of any level will be able to get the full benefits of this beautiful perennial. The bright blooms attract wildlife as well, drawing in hummingbirds, honey bees, etc. Simply dead head the spent flower stalks and the Redhot Poker will continue to bloom from Spring through Fall!

Where to Plant Redhot Poker?

Any garden that receives full sun in a zone 5-9 area will be perfect for this easy going perennial. Wet soil can rot the crown of this plant, but beyond their dislike of wet feet this plant is a sure fire (pun intended) way to guarantee color in your yard! Very heat and drought tolerant, I can not emphasize enough how easy this plant is to grow! I generally use this plant as an accent to a space and they are perfect in a perennial boarder.

What does Eagleson Landscape Think?

I give this perennial an A! Brilliant year long color, little to no maintenance and close to zero risk of it dying due to neglect make this plant a no brainer in our book. However just because this plant is tough does not mean you should completely neglect it!! Your plants should be like low maintenance pets, care and provide for them and you will receive their benefits in return. Check out more about the Redhot Poker here!

The Eagleson Landscape is always under construction! Plants often go in before the work is done!

The Eagleson Landscape is always under construction! Plants often go in before the work is done!

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