Happy Thanksgiving 2016
Happy Thanksgiving!
November 23, 2016
Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
November 28, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Using Alyssum in Your Landscaping

Dainty and Sweet

I want to start this off with a shout out to turkey and gravy, this food coma is the real deal. Now, Thursday was a day of food, family and friends all mashed together to create this beautiful chaotic concoction we like to call Thanksgiving. I truly hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Thursday! This wonderful holiday is known for its large portions and large family gatherings. We should talk about a plant that matches its girth, right? I say NAY! I need something small and dainty, the after dinner mint if you will. This week’s Plant of the Week will do just the trick and will have you excited to add it to your landscaping this Spring!

Why use Alyssum in Your Landscaping?

Bright delicate flowers and a soft pleasing texture are just two of the reasons to add this lovely annual to your landscaping. Alyssum will please your guests thanks to the incredible display of blooms it puts out the entire growing season. In addition, alyssum is very easy to care for and tolerant of a wide range of planting locations. The only maintenance concern you the homeowner will have is cutting back spent flowers, simple! Though it is annual, alyssum self-seeds allowing it to naturalize in a space year after year. Honestly, there are not many reasons to not be using this wonderful plant in your landscaping! Well…other than deep shade, sorry shade dwellers.

Where to Use Alyssum in Your Landscaping?

Alyssum is perfect for about any locale that has full to part sun. My opinion, it looks best when allowed to spread naturally through a rocky space. However, this does not mean you need to have a rocky space or any rocks at all to utilize this plant. Any landscape can be improved by properly planting Alyssum throughout the space. Plant it around a pond to fill gaps and hang over the water or a perennial boarder where it can fill in spaces between plants. Let your imagination create the best look for your home! However, make sure not to plant this in a very wet spot or it will rot and not perform at its best.

What does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?Alyssum used in landscaping

I think Alyssum is a wonderful landscape addition due to its bright lasting color and light fanciful texture. Its low maintenance needs and tolerance for many sites and soil conditions make it a safe choice for even the most novice of gardeners. I like that it can fit into so many different design situations and that it self seeds to create the natural look I love. All of this being said I want to grade this an A. Alyssum is a solid all around plant that will provide interest to a space for many years. Read more about Alyssum here and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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