Happy New Year, 2017!
Happy New Year!
December 30, 2016
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January 5, 2017
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Plant of the Week – Using Canna Lilies in Your Landscaping

Okay fellow landscape lovers take a deep breath, Christmas is over. As I begin my personal post Christmas mourning, mothers and fathers across the nation jump for joy as yet another stress filled season passes. I certainly hope you found time to enjoy family and friends. I know I did! However, the holiday season is not over, and many of you will be traveling during this festive period. Let me be first to wish you safe travels. I will embark on the long voyage around the globe to visit my pestering sister, Katie, in cold snow buried Japan (I’m actually really excited). Thankfully you are smart and will be going somewhere warm. The Plant of the Week this week will get you primed and ready for the tropics. Lets talk Canna Lilies and how you should be using it in your landscaping!

Why Use Canna Lily in Your Landscaping?

Canna Lilies add a tropical flair to a landscape. Their large foliage resembles what you would imagine finding in the jungle, while their flowers sit atop the foliage like a torch. The foliage can be found in dark greens, purples, and in variegated varieties all of which add lasting color to your homes landscaping. Flower colors typically are found in red, orange and yellow and last the entire summer! Exceptionally easy to grow and needing pretty much zero maintenance, this is a dream plant for gardeners and landscapers of any experience. Just remember Canna Lilies like warmth, so either dig them up before the first frost, or prepare them for the compost heap.

Where to Use Canna Lily in Your Landscaping?

Canna Lilies are rather forgiving plants when it comes to location. They ask for full sun and like to have a few gulps of water every day, but who doesn’t?! This plant is happy in about any soil type, ranging from bog like wetness to well drained soils. These look best when grown in masses, or in a perennial boarder setting where their bright color and interesting foliage can be on full display. Also, for some killer swagger try planting Canna Lily in a potted arrangement. I love using them in potted arrangements and websites like instagram or pinterest can give you great ideas to create your own! I will advise you, be careful not to plant Canna Lilies sporadically in your landscape. Their tall slender growth habit can make them appear like a lost corn stalk in a field when planted solo.

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?

I love this plant immensely! Great color, great foliage, easy to care for and it is so eager to shine. You can find these easily at about any local or big box nursery, which leads me to the big grade reveal. Canna Lilies get an A+! Check out and read more about this plant here and happy New Year to everyone!

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