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January 22, 2018
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January 29, 2018
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Plant of the Week – Using Hardy Geranium in your Landscaping

A taste of warmth has descended upon the Hoosier state. This means its time to finally get your car washed, take down the Christmas lights(yes I just got around to it) and crack a window to air out the home. I have even gone out and done some work around my yard! This weeks Plant of the Week is inspired by the warmth and is sure to make your home feel warm throughout the Summer. This week we are going to talk about Hardy Geranium.

Why Use Hardy Geranium

Ground hugging foliage with a fine texture provides interesting appeal to the landscaping. While its cup shaped blooms in whites, pinks and purples bloom throughout the Summer. A wide variety of cultivars allow you to choose the best Hardy Geranium for your landscape. This extremely low maintenance plant is perfect for the homeowner looking for low effort beauty.

Where to Use Hardy Geranium

Perfect around a boulders to allow the Geranium to pour over the rock like water. This plant works well in tandem with upright plants like Hot Poker and Phlox.  The Geranium will mask and fill in the more bare areas of the for mentioned perennials. You can use geranium in a wide range of situation, try a few on your own!

How to Care for Hardy Geranium

Plant in full to part sun to ensure you get the healthiest plants and provide water when the season gets dry. Prune out any spend flowers to ensure the plant does not thin and remove any sick or dying spot you see. You can cut your Geranium back after it finishes blooming to allow new growth to fill and re-bloom. Planting your Geranium in the proper location will alleviate most problems it can develop, but watch for for mildew and slugs!

What does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think

Pick the right location and this is a no brainer. However, Hardy Geranium can overwhelm some landscaping, so make sure to provide space for it to fill into. Overall its long blooming period and low maintenance needs lead me to recommend and actively use this plant in my own designs. Read more about it here and decide if its right for you!

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