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November 17, 2016
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November 21, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Using Gro-low Sumac in Your Landscaping

11-12-16 using gro-low sumac in your landscaping

Wrapping up a large landscaping project this week in Chatham Hills, and the first comment I want to make is what a fabulous community they are putting together here in Westfield and I truly mean it. Second, I will be posting pictures, videos and a blog or two about the project in the coming weeks. This is a really special project we are proud to design and install for a wonderful family! From patios and walkways to boulder work and lawn installation, this project has been exciting and rewarding for everyone involved. One of my favorite additions to this landscape is a plant that has a stunning fall display. This week’s Plant of the Week is Gro-Low Sumac, a ground hugging shrub with a wild flair.

Why Use Gro-Low Sumac in Your Landscaping?

There are a multitude of reasons to consider Rhus aromatica as your next landscape addition. Fall color, fragrance, low maintenance and showy fruits are just some of the qualities to expect from this wonderful deciduous shrub. You can easily control erosion on an embankment with Gro-Low Sumac due to its suckering, spreading habit which locks into a hillside. Those of you looking to build in a new development like Chatham hills, sumac is a perfect choice for the lower quality soils often found on new builds!

Where to Use Gro-Low Sumac in Your Landscaping

As I noted above, one of the best applications of sumac is on a hillside to help prevent erosion. The spreading habit of sumac perfectly locks soil into place by sending out sucker growth that fills in a space. In addition, Gro-Low Sumac works great as a “tall” ground cover and is perfect when used as a border. I would love to plant this around a patio to provide a thicket of color and fragrance. This sumac is also perfect to use in a wildflower area or in a wooded environment where it can naturalize.

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?11-12-16 using gro-low sumac in your landscaping

What do I think…hmm, I will have to put it this way. When applied correctly, this is a fantastic shrub and something you will treasure in your landscaping. The fall color of this plant alone makes it an excellent option for many landscapes.  However, since it does like to create a thicket, and spreads (albeit slowly) it can get a little…messy-looking over time if it isn’t controlled. Now a natural native look can be incredible in the right spot. Just keep in mind if you prefer a more formal clean-cut look, this plant may not be the right option for you. I will grade Gro-low Sumac as a B+; a great overall plant, with one major caveat to consider when making your decision! Read more about this fabulous deciduous shrub here. Remember to give us a call if you need any fall season clean up done around your home! The leaves are finally all coming down!

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