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February 5, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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Plant of the Week – Using Maltese Cross in Your Landscaping

Spring is creeping in and with it Spring bulbs are beginning to show. Good to know Indiana’s flowers are just as eager to get on with the season as we are here at Eagleson Landscape Co. Contact us soon to ensure we you do not have to wait for you landscape maintenance! Looking at my own landscape the list of “to do’s” grows daily! This weeks Plant of the Week is high on my list to add this year. Read how the Maltese Cross can improve your full sun landscape!

Why use Maltese Cross

Grows 1-3 feet in height, making it a great mid-range size and easy to match with other perennials in your landscaping. Loaded with blooms from late May-June you will love the splash of color the Maltese Cross adds. Its self seeding nature CAN be a plus when you are looking to naturalize a space. While its low maintenance needs benefit those who have less of a green thumb than others.

Where to use Maltese Cross

Use in a perennial boarder to sprinkle its color throughout the space. You can also utilize this perennial in a prairie style landscape to allow it to naturalize and spread throughout your very own meadow. Mix your Maltese Cross with plants like Phlox, Yarrow and Alyssum to produce a beautiful mass of color. Throw in some Hot Poker and Allium to add their texture and height and your landscaping will be a show stopper!

How to Care for Maltese Cross

Plant in a full sun location for the best results, but Maltese Cross will tolerate part shade locations as well. Provide well draining soil and fertilize in early Spring to get the most from them! However, beyond watering throughout any drought periods there is not much care necessary to keep this perennial floriferous and happy in your landscape.

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think

I like this plant if the right location is available. These self seed prolifically and can become a problem if used in an inappropriate spot in your landscaping. However, in an area where it can spread and naturalize it is a wonderful addition! I love how low maintenance it is and the late Spring color it brings! I will grade it a B-. Read more about this plant here and decide if its right for you!

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