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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
September 19, 2016
Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
September 26, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Using Moss Rose in Your Landscaping

Moss Rose in Landscaping


Let’s talk instant gratification in landscaping. I try to explain to my clients that a new landscape is exciting, rewarding and enjoyable but the true beauty it holds comes down the road. How then can instant gratification be provided to a world where tomorrow is never good enough? What can a landscaper or at home gardener do to improve a space today?! Thankfully, many ways are available like stone work, pottery, water features are among the more costly avenues someone can take. Annuals, hanging baskets and even bird feeders can provide a slightly more cost effective approach. Now for this week I want to talk about an annual that I guarantee will cheer up any dreary space. Let’s talk about Moss Rose and how it can and should be used in your landscaping!

Why Use Moss Rose in Your Landscape?

Its sprawling ground hugging habit creates a carpet like appearance that is perfect to display its abundant brightly colored blooms. This annual grows quickly and establishes well in a full sun location requiring little to no maintenance on your part. Moss Rose prefers a drier spot, so for those of you who tend to forget about ole’ mossy out back. You should be safe to be forgetful and still reap the benefits in your landscaping. The foliage of this plant resembles that of Sedum, with thicker more supple leaves. The true draw of this plant is the intensity of its blooms. Yellows, reds, oranges and more all of which stand out like the highlighter on your notes. Easily fill in a space with these annuals and change up the color each year to add variety and a sense of the random to your space.

Where to Use Moss Rose in Your Landscape?Moss Rose Colors

I love to use this to tuck into rocks and crevasses around a landscape. Allow them to cascade down a rock or slope or simply grow in and around. You will love the bold color and the finer texture it adds to the space! Using these along a walkway or patio can be a great way to draw someone along or lead them to a destination. I would even use this annual around a water feature or piece of statuary to ensure my guests had their eyes drawn to the location. Try this in a planter to create some mobile color! Full sun is just about the only major caveat to follow(sorry all of you shade dwellers) but well draining soil would wise as well.

What does Eagleson Landscape Co. think?

Really enjoy this plant. Love the color it adds, I like the succulent like foliage it has and the texture it provides.  I think this is a very fun way to soften a boulder retaining wall or brighten up a patio space. Sadly it is really only for a full sun location, but its ease of maintenance and many other positive attributes make it a A- plant in my book. I hope to find more spaces and places to utilize this fun annual in the coming seasons! Check out more about Moss Ross here and enjoy this Summer weather!

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