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January 18, 2018
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Plant of the Week – Using Painted Fern in Your Landscaping

Winter has come and with a vengeance! The Landscapes of Indiana are frozen solid, much like this landscapers fingers and toes. These frosted conditions call for some hot coffee, a good book and a warm fire. Cooped up indoors for much of the winter, I begin to ponder plant combinations, design ideas and insanity. Looking out the window pane, watching the frost crust over the glass, my mind kept coming to one plant with a frosted complexion. This weeks Plant of the Week is the Painted Fern!

Why Use Painted Fern in Your Landscaping

Silver blue fronds complement its favorite cool shaded growing environment. While, the red throat of the frond makes it stand out like a gem among the surrounding foliage. Painted Fern are a perfect low maintenance way to add color and interest to your landscaping from Spring through Fall. Add multiple varieties of Painted Fern to give designers choices for what best suits their landscape and you have a winning specimen!

Where to Use Painted Fern in your Landscaping

Use your Painted Fern to brighten up a darker section of your landscaping, by tucking it among boulders. Create a mass near a fountain or hardscape space to draw the eye. Combine it with Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts, Brunnera and Hosta to create a woodland theme in your landscape. There are so many opportunities to utilize this plant, use your creativity and imagination to create a space perfect for your home!

How to Care for Your Painted Fern

Shade/Part shade is required, especially in areas with intense Summer sun. Soil conditions are less strict, however soil rich in organic matter is preferable. Planting your Painted Fern in favorable conditions will provide you with a better specimen in the long run, so look for well draining and shaded areas. Do not let the plant sit in soaked soil, but make sure not to let the plant dry out. Water and soil needs may be a little confusing, but there is no need to fertilize this plant, EASY!

What does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?

I really like this plant. It is an easy way to add long term color and interest to a shaded landscape. Having low maintenance needs and a beautiful shimmering quality in the shade, you can not go wrong. As with any plant do some research before purchasing to ensure success! Check out this website here to discover more about this wonderful shade loving perennial!

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