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January 5, 2017
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January 9, 2017
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Plant of the Week – Using Poppies in Your Landscaping

Excitedly heading to Japan today! I look forward to telling you about my trip when I return! I want to jump straight into this weeks plant and introduce you to a flower mankind has been enjoying since the ancient times. This weeks Plant of the Week is the Poppy!

Why Use Poppies in Your Landscaping?

Such a simplistic beauty to the Poppy plant. Low growing foliage provides a rough-sawed wood texture and acts a foundation for blooms that shoot about 2 feet up and adorn the sky with bright cheerful blooms. The Poppy has been a plant of great utility for centuries, more recently becoming a gardeners choice. Its low maintenance needs, added to its incredible beauty make its entrance into the landscape world understandable. Incredibly drought resistant and truly a hands off sort of plant the Poppy can make even the most novice gardens look wonderful. However, be sure of the type you are planting!!! Poppies can be outstanding re-seeders and have deep tap roots, this tenacity can lead to major headaches for you! It is always smart to know what you are putting in the ground. Deadhead spent blooms, divide it in the Fall and make sure it does not get out of hand in your garden. Easy breezy and beautiful!

Where to Use Poppies in Your Landscaping?

Poppies are great in a variety of locations. I love to use them in potting arrangements, but have utilized them is perennial boarders, boulder retaining walls, and other applications. These are perfect for xeriscapes (which isn’t seen much in Indiana) and meadows as well! Try finding a spot front and center or behind some low growing perennials or annuals to show case this plant. Poppies can look beautiful when planted sporadically, but the true beauty of a Poppy only come out when its planted in groupings. Provide your Poppies with full sun and they will do the rest of the work for you! This plant truly is about as easy as it gets!

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?

I think this is a great plant, when used in the right location. Remember this plant can become more of a weed! However, I am going to give this plant an A still. It is such a beautiful and simple organism that really adds a huge pop of color and elegance to a space. Read more about the Poppy here and I hope you all enjoyed your first week of 2017!

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