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April 21, 2016
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April 25, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Crabapple

Crabapple WhiteI visited Indiana University this past weekend. Though I may have a bit of a rivals grudge against the school…there is no doubting the campus is stunning. Great school that it is, my sister is a proud soon to be Alum and took me on a tour of the campus. One of her stops was surprisingly a tree!  She wanted to know what the tree’s species was, so she could request one for home.  First of all, I knew she could not avoid the Eagleson family love of plants!  Second, as we approached the tree I noted it had a wonderful branching structure, a recognizable bark, mid range height and beautiful light pink flowers covering its entire canopy.  This narrowed the tree down to one species, a Crabapple!  This weeks Plant of the Week is the Crabapple, a four season tree!Crabapple Branching

A four season tree you ask?  Yes, this tree has interest in all four seasons of the year.  When Spring comes around its buds draw the eye and continue to impress as they open into a stunning display of blooms that cover the entirety of the canopies surface.  Flowers are found in pinks, whites and purples making the Spring time interest of this tree is one of the best in the business.  As the trees steps away from center stage and its flowers fall away a thick, deep green foliage takes its place providing a beautiful backdrop.  Autumn then arrives putting the Crabapple firmly back in the limelight as its leaves turn to bright reds and oranges.  Its leaves match the fruits it produces, but as the leaves fall away the fruits remain.  Winter snows set off the bright red fruits and mottled bark making it a bright spot late into the year.  Even the trees shape provides character and a unique style to the space all year long.  This tree is a true gem for about any landscape space thanks to the many varieties available to landscapers and homeowners alike.  The many varieties provide options for the trees growth habit and size which range wildly, so do your research before purchasing one.  Now everything good in this world comes with its flaws.  Sadly, the Crabapple can be susceptible to many diseases.  However, these diseases can largely be avoided if proper care and planting is used.  Make sure to plant a Crabapple in a space with good air flow and full sun and do not let the tree dry out or sit in water.  Using these few simple steps will help to ensure the health and happiness of your tree!Crabapple Flowers

Crabapples are a gorgeous tree and a wonderful accent for any front walkway, patio or really any garden space you have!  Check out more about this great tree here and happy planting this Spring!

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