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June 16, 2016
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Plant of the Week (Home Idea Edition) – Daylily

The last week of Spring is upon us, bringing in the new age of Summer. Spring’s gentle rain made sidewalk streams begin to dry up and the arid, yet still somehow humid Indiana Summer creeps its way back into our lives. Ask me in July and I’ll probably tell you the heat doesn’t bother me. The plants(and other Eagleson employees) will most likely disagree. However, the fact that this 90 degree weather just waltzed in like the drunken scorned lover at our wedding does not sit well. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t miss the smell of rain soaked worm in the mornings or the up and down mood swings of mother nature in the Spring, but can a guy get a little time to acclimate? Let’s match hot with hot and start off the summer with an absolute stunner. This weeks Plant of the Week is the Daylily, who’s blooms are one of the best in the business.Daylily Red

The Daylily is a versatile plant in terms of its usage in the landscape. It has flowers bright and bold enough to easily make it an accent to a space, but it has the staying power(when used correctly) to create a swath of year long color. It isn’t much of a secret that the Daylily tends to have a short bloom period.  However, not all are created the same and its many varieties bloom months apart! To get the most joy from your Daylilies plant them together so they compliment each other as they bloom! The tags should give you there bloom period and make this process simple. For those of you that want to walk in, pick a plant and walk out I recommend that you use Daylilies more as an accent.  It’s 3-4 week bloom period will instantly spruce up your space and then fall back to allow other plants to put on a show.

Tuck your Daylily in some rocks in any full sun location to make the most natural look. Remembering to water is extremely important if you want to get longer bloom times and  happier plants.  Some light shade during the hottest parts of the day would be beneficial, but is not necessary.  Daylily are tenacious fighters with on goal in life, looking fabulous.Daylily Cream

Eagleson landscape Co. has a collection of nearly 100 Daylilies on our property, all of which add a spark throughout the fiery Indiana Summer. You of course don’t need 100 Daylilies to enjoy this plant, but I encourage you to visit gardens with an extensive collection to inspire your own inner designer.  Here is a website that provides more information about this plant!  As always I hope you all have a wonderful week and dig your troubles away.

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