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December 18, 2014
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Plant of the Week – Living Stone

Living Stone in Bloom

Time to put the Indiana Jones fedora back on and investigate a new crazy interesting Plant of the Week!  This weeks plant comes to us from Africa and is the best hide and seek player in the plant kingdom.  Lithops or more commonly known as Living Stones, are a great specimen for indoor plant lovers and this weeks Plant of the Week!

Living Stones are masters of disguise.  These succulents blend in with the environment by masquerading as pebbles or rocks with gray, brown, green and pink mottled leaves.  The flowers they produce even blend in with their rocky surrounding.  True perfectionist of camouflage, these little plants fooled humans until they were first discovered in 1811.

Living Stone Cluster

Perfect for a window or a sunny summer day on a patio, Living Stones are great plants for novice indoor plant lovers.  Water them very lightly in the winter and summer and moisten the soil in spring and fall.  Make sure to grow Lithops in a soil with good drainage to match their natural environment better.  Remember plant care comes with practice, so do not stress out!

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