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December 6, 2014
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Plant of the Week – Peony

Hello fellow readers and gardeners, welcome back to this weeks edition of Plant of the Week!   This week we are going to stick close to home and talk about Indiana’s state flower.  The Peony is a plant that will provide your garden with an immense burst of color in the spring and deep green foliage during the rest of the growing season.  Pink, Red, Yellow and White blooms give you a great pallet to choose from, making it easy to fit in your garden.  Peonies like full to part sun and loamy, well drained soils to reach their full potential.  They even like the cold Indiana winters, needing the cold crisp air to initiate their bud growth.

Blooming peonies planted in a mass.

Blooming peonies planted in a mass.

Peonies work great in a hedge or as an accent in border garden.  These plants will last for years, and need little maintenance to keep them looking stunning.  However if you are having trouble getting your peony to bloom, it is most likely due to being planted to deep, being recently transplanted or poor site conditions.

As an extra tip remember peony blooms are great cut flowers for inside your home!


Special thanks to Peony’s Envy for these beautiful photos.  Please check out their website here!  This is a fantastic in depth read about peony types, planting tips, maintenance, cut flowers and about anything else you could want to know about the plant.  A personal pleasure to read through!  I feel lucky getting to read so many interesting blogs while I write my own.

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  1. I live in the south and love growing peonies too. We have a smaller selection than you northerners but there are several good peonies for the south. I grow Festiva Maxima, Karl Rosenfeld and my favorite is an Itoh hybrid called Bartzella. Peony’s Envy is a great source as is Plant Delights which specializes in peonies for the south.

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