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March 3, 2016
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March 7, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Tricolor Beech

This weeks Plant of the Week is a favorite of Mrs. Eagleson and a tree that will instantly change the look of your landscape! I have also shared a few watering tips in this weeks blog! I am very excited about Spring being around the corner and hope this tree will inspire you to look into improving your landscape this year! This weeks Plant of the Week is Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolor’ or the Tricolor Beech!

Tricolor Beech are very unique understory tree that will add color to your landscape, but not thanks to flowers. Its’ variegated leaves stand out against the usual verdant canopy we associate with springtime in Indiana. Especially prominent during the Spring the Tricolor Beeches push out purple leaves with bright salmon/pink edges, that from a distant look like a brilliant flush of blooms. The color diminishes in brilliance as the year progresses, but its’ curb appeal does not. The trees impact returns in the Fall as its fall color brightens the tree making it stand out like the unruly child in class. The Tricolor Beech generally grows to about 30 feet in height, and will not hide your house. Being a Beech, this tree will grow slowly, but due to its slow growth will have a longer lifespan! Diversifying your yard with different trees is a great way to add interest and health to your landscape! I highly recommend you look into this incredible specimen!Tricolor Beech

Let’s talk about how you care for this plant. As is the case with all new plant installations, initial watering is very key to its long term success. You should make sure not to let the root ball dry out at any point, BUT make sure not to drown the tree. If you set a hose on the tree every other day for about 15-20 minutes your tree should be happy. This is not a guarantee sadly, but a good rule of thumb for new plantings. Common sense is the key to successful watering! Get your hands dirty, stick your fingers in the dirt near the tree trunk. Next, ask yourself if the soil is dry a few inches deep, if you say yes you should water! Now besides watering, this tree will like to be planted in a spot that protects it from direct sunlight which can burn its leaves. It prefers moist healthy soils.(most plants do) Add compost when planting and fertilize yearly to ensure the tree has a growing medium that sets it up for success. This tree also has very few insect and disease problems, so should not require any treatment on behalf of the owner. A low maintenance plant(I promise it really is!!!) that when given a little love, care and patience will improve your landscape immensely.

Read more about the fabulous Tricolor Beech here and consider how it can fit into your yard! Carmel, Indiana needs a little more creativity and pizzazz in its landscapes!

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