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April 13, 2015
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April 18, 2015
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Plant of the Week – Tulip

Do you feel like your landscape is less then ideal early in the year?  Spring flowers are some of the easiest and most colorful plants you can add to a garden!  Generally needing little help from you, Spring bulbs in particular are the perfect way to catch your yard up with the Jones’s! We have discussed many spring flowers in past Plant of the Week editions, but one consistently comes up that I know needs to be talked about again! This weeks Plant of the Week blog discusses Tulips!A bright spring yard

The tulip is an exceptional spring blooming annual that will add a bold color contrast to your garden. Tulips boast a huge color palette and can bloom any time from spring through early summer. Tulips provide growers with a huge selection of varieties to fit the personality of every gardener! Great in beds, borders and as cut flowers make the tulip perfect for all sorts of landscape and interior design options. I highly encourage you to buy some pots and artfully place them along your front walk to draw your guests up to your door! Dot Tulips among the other plants you have throughout your garden beds to make your landscape a multi season success! Provide your tulips with partial to full sun with well drained soil! Plant tulips deep in the soil about six weeks before the first frost (September to early October) avoiding wet areas of your yard, as wet soil tends to lead to bulb rot or disease.

A stunning flower, tulips are guaranteed to brighten and embolden your garden! Get more details about tulips here and confirm why this wonderful bloom should be in your landscape design. This website here provides an excellent step by step guide to planting and caring for Tulips!  Thanks for reading, tune in next week for another perfect spring plant!Green to Bling

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