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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
September 26, 2016
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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
October 3, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Using Lantana in Your Landscaping

Lantana in the Landscape


During a few of my past blogs I have talked about making your home landscape a staycation. Making your Hoosier landscape tropical is certainly a big ask BUT it is not impossible! Landscaping can make even the most impossible of ideas happen with a little thought and sweat equity. A beautiful water feature can bring the zen atmosphere, a paver patio can make your pool side relaxation seem luxurious and far away and the plant life you surround yourself with will have you forgetting where you are. One such plant is Lantana, an annual that blooms long into the growing season and perpetuates the summer feeling well into Fall.  Lets delve into this weeks Plant of the Week and find out why you should use it in your landscaping!

Why Use Lantana in Your Landscaping

Incredible flowers that will have you thinking about your time share in Florida! The flowers of Lantana come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, red and pink.  Blooming in tight clusters, the flowers come out in one solid color and change over time. By midsummer each cluster will consist of multiple colors , which resemble a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. The lower growth habit of this plant in Indiana makes it easy to fit into a location and highly usable in most landscapes. Lantana is deer resistant, fairly easy to grow and non-invasive. If you are looking for a plant that will have you thinking of the beach this is an easy choice for you!

Where to Use Lantana in Your Landscaping

Lantana is perfect for planters, around a patio or in a window box, but can be used just about anywhere you want color. I love to use this plant in the foreground of a wall or around rocks to let it stand out. The wall acts as a canvas to really emphasize the color and beauty of the Lantana and make it an easy point of interest for the eye. Pool side this plant brings a real tropical flair and brightens the feel of the area. I generally use Lantana with perennials or evergreens which allows continued interest with added color in the Summer. You can also use Lantana with Palms(annual), Colocasia(perennial) and Hibiscus(perennial) to create a different world in your backyard. Just remember full sun and well drained soils are a must for this plant! Beauty only comes when these plants are used in their favored conditions. Sorry again to the shade dwellers out there!

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?

Given the right situation I do love this plant, as it adds so much pizzazz and fun to a space!  Being an annual has its pros and cons, but for me the pros out way the cons. In my opinion, this plant is best used near a patio or in a pot. Those of Lantanayou that are more active gardeners can utilize this more throughout your landscape. Picking and choosing spots to tuck this flower packed gem into your yard. For those of you that are more hands off gardeners, the planter is your friend!  It will provide you with great late season color and less work on your part! Lantana is the perfect way to make your backyard a get away location! Why then do I rate it a B? The flowers have a bad aroma(I hardly ever notice), it does not like being dry and only survives until the first major frost.  You can read more about Lantana here and find out if it is the right fit for you!

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