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Project Highlight: A Slowly Growing Outdoor Living Space
October 20, 2016
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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
October 24, 2016
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Plant of the Week – Using Rheingold Arborvitea in Your Landscaping

Bold and Gold

Every homeowner is looking to create THE landscape for our home. Searching for that gold standard often seems like an impossible task, especially with the abundance of planting options available. How then do you bring a bold, inventive and fun landscaping experience to your home? This is the question many landscapers ponder day in and day out, sometimes to frustratingly little conclusion! However, the first step all gardens, novice or professional, should pursue is to sit down and lay out thoughts before breaking ground. What is your personal style? What plants do you like and what do you want to achieve with your yard? These are all great starting questions to ponder and think through and will lead you to your perfect landscape. This week I want to discuss the Rheingold Arborvitae, a plant that stands out beautifully with a bold gold evergreen foliage.

Why Use Rheingold Arborvitae in Your Landscaping?

Arborvitae come in a very wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. Often used as a screen or background color, Rheingold Arborvitae will be used in the foreground to emphasize a space. Its beautiful rusted gold foliage is bright and bold, which brightens and enlarges a space to the eye. It grows 3-5 feet which allows it to fit into a wide variety of locations, while its round shape makes it great to anchor a spot. Arborvitae are generally considered low maintenance and that carries true to the Rheingold as well.  Simple pruning and watering during drought periods is all that is needed to keep this plant happy.

Where to Use Rheingold Arborvitae in Your Landscaping?

This plant is perfect to use as a low growing hedge or to create a barrier in a space, without interrupting a view. Its round shape also means it can make a power statement standing alone in a space. I would use this as an accent and plant weigela around it to create year long interest in a space. Great for containers and perfect to plant near your new patio or water feature as a focal point. This plant tolerates a wetter environment and needs full sun so keep this in mind when choosing its new home!

What Does Eagleson Landscape Co. Think?

Instant A+ plant for any and all landscaping lovers out there. Rheingold Arborvitea are simply just excellent plants and provide so many great design opportunities within the landscape. I love thatRheingold Arborvitae in the landscape it needs very little maintenance besides pruning once established. It has year round interest, and is a winter time show stopper! Really love the potential this plant can provide me for any future landscapes I install. Check out more about this wonderful evergreen here!

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