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August 11, 2017
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April 6, 2017

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Family and friends are the sources of our warmest memories. Events like holidays, graduation parties, birthdays or even impromptu Friday night gatherings all deserve a space that matches the warmth of those attending. Eagleson Landscape Co. can create just the ambiance you are looking for with a paver-built fire pit or stone fireplace. These structures are not only great places to gather friends and family, but also to enhance the beauty of your yard. Design one into your new outdoor living space, add it to an existing patio or simply let us build it into your landscaping. You will love the look, warmth and sense of community a fireplace or fire pit will bring to your backyard.

Your fire pit or fireplace can be more than a hole in the ground; it can add style and structure to your landscape. Eagleson Landscape Co. will make sure they have both flair and function, becoming a gathering point for all your guests. Proper spacing around the fire, lifting the flame closer to patrons and options for both gas and wood burning make fire pits more than a ring in the dirt. Fireplaces have many options as well, with different facades and models. We can even add custom touches as well to make your fireplace or fire pit perfect for you. Do not settle for the muddy space in the back of your property! Bring the warmth closer to home, where you will be able to safely watch your kids, contain the fire more carefully and enjoy it more readily. Let us make your cool autumns a time to make cozier memories.

Eagleson Landscape Co. serves Carmel, Westfield, and Zionsville, as well as the Meridan Hills and Chatham neighborhoods. Allow us to build your fire pit or fireplace and add to the memories you will cherish forever.

For inspiration, ideas or just to look at something gorgeous, scroll through our outdoor living pictures below.