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August 11, 2017

Landscape Lighting

After going through the process of creating a beautiful landscape around your home, you can sit back and relax in the now gorgeous space. But why should your yard disappear each evening after the sun sets? Illuminating your landscape with lighting makes it stand out, and you can enjoy it even in the twilight hours.

A beautifully designed and cared for landscape enhances your home. Through color, shape and many other design choices, a home’s character and beauty are amplified. Enjoying the sights of your lovely yard can extend into the evening hours with cleverly placed landscape lighting. By highlighting the same design choices that brought beauty during the day, these lights can give stunning appeal at night, adding value to your home’s eye equity. With silhouettes of a Japanese Maple’s branching, the shadows of shrubs dancing along a walkway, or a splendidly illuminated evergreen spruce, your home does not just impress for half the day. Adding light to an evening landscape can be equally as eye-catching as any other time. Light up a pond and watch your fish elegantly swim amongst the lily pads, or watch as the water splashes off the rocks of a waterfall. Landscape lighting is as versatile as the plants they illuminate. Path lights ensure your walkway is easy to find, safe to walk over and beautiful to see at all times of the day. Upright lighting will make your home stand out without brightening the inside of your home. Lighting for deck spaces, walls, patios, outdoor living and so much more ensures there is something for your landscape!

Allow Eagleson Landscape Co. to design the perfect landscape lighting plan for your home. Experience your yard while you leave work in the morning, and when you return from dinner in the evening. You will find that you have not just added beauty, but additional time to enjoy your property. Contact Eagleson Landscape Co. at (317) 997-4803, or email us here. We look forward to perfecting the nature existing around your home.