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Hardscaping and Patio Projects
September 15, 2014
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September 5, 2014
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Custom Water Features: Ponds, Waterfalls, Creeks and More

Bringing life to a landscape is one of the great challenges of home ownership. Your foundation plantings may “do the job”, but to some they can seem manufactured and callous. Maybe you have updated your landscaping, but still feel like you need more. Leave the status quo behind you and bring increased value, beauty and uniqueness to your yard with a custom water feature.

Eagleson Landscape Co. specializes in creating water features that carve through your landscape and resemble something Mother Nature created. We have designed and installed many waterfalls, ponds, creeks, bogs, fountains and more over our 30 years in business. Inspired by some of the great State and National Parks found around America, we aim to create an outdoor space you can escape to for years to come. Tailoring the water feature to your unique yard, needs and vision, we can add the sights, sounds and feeling of water to your landscaping. Imagine enjoying a summer’s evening listening to the trickles of a “natural” brook or feeling the cool water droplets jumping off a waterfall in your own back yard! Have you considered having a pond that is meant for swimming or for holding fish? Many of our current clients and their children enjoy their koi and goldfish immensely. Making water an integral part of your landscape also allows you to grow a complete ecosystem around your home, becoming the neighborhood sanctuary for your friendly resident wildlife. Animals like birds and honeybees will flock to your yard, creating a miniature nature preserve in your very own landscape!

Your water feature will be your favorite place to visit every day all year long, with beautiful water plants in the summer and ice formations in the winter. Let us help you realize the potential of your landscape, big or small. Talk to us about installing a custom water feature.