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Water Feature Design Options Galore

water feature design

At Eagleson Landscape Co, some of our favorite projects include water feature design. Our belief in our company motto, “Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Backyard” is never more evident than when we install a custom-designed water element. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains, streams—all can be included in even the smallest and simplest of landscapes. A bubbling rock or fountain may be the perfect solution for tiny yards. However, streams, waterfalls, and ponds can be built in various sizes and combinations.


Ponds bring beauty, visual interest and desirable wildlife to any landscape. We have installed ponds in miniscule spaces as well as large ones. You can also add koi fish if you so desire, or even install a pond with the intention of using it as a pool. We use smoother stones and set up places to sit inside the pond when we build a project with this use in mind. Ponds require a good amount of maintenance, so be aware of that before you take on the long-term commitment of doing the work yourself (or hiring Eagleson Landscape Co.). In our experience, all pond owners find the benefits far outweigh the work one must put back into this type of water feature.

Project Highlight Colorful Landscape | Pond

Adding a Waterfall to a Pond 

A waterfall is a great addition to a pond, as it helps oxygenate your water, benefiting any fish or plants you have.


waterfalls in your backyard

We at Eagleson Landscape Co. build waterfalls in all shapes and sizes, aiming to make them look original to your yard. Perhaps what people like most about these types of landscape features is the calm sounds and beautiful sights they bring to their yard. Waterfalls only require a basic investment in maintenance for a big payoff in seasonal beauty.

Pondless Waterfall

Waterfalls can be supplied by pondless streams, which requires far less maintenance and are therefore perfect for someone looking for little upkeep.

Creeks and Streams

outdoor living space_ponds and water features_waterfalls in your backyard

Creeks and streams can be built on their own, or in addition to a pond or waterfall. Running water brings lovely sounds, attracts wildlife, and can invite a little creek stomping!

Dry creeks

As part of water drainage management, we install dry creeks around areas in landscapes that usually become flooded during rainy periods. While the rain lasts, a dry creek provides your yard with beauty and keeps it swamp-free. During dry seasons, they become a nice stone feature.

water feature design_eagleson bog


Bogs act as natural filters for ponds, waterfalls, or creek water and make natural habitats for local wildlife. We love using them when we have space. We build bogs with stone and aquablocks (a kind of glorified milk carton) that create a layer for water to pass through. Good bacteria can live in this layer and break down organic materials that the water brings in. The cleaner water then recirculates back to the main water feature.

Bubbling Rocks and Custom Fountains

Bubbling rocks or custom fountains can be the perfect way to add water when you want minimal upkeep, have very little room to work with, or want to bring an interesting feature to a smaller nook in your landscape. There are so many options with this design, and we spend a lot of time helping our clients find their favorite. For example, shown below is a custom fountain we made out of recycled granite counter tops. It fits our client’s style and is the perfect size for that small space.

water feature design

Every water feature we install is unique to the homeowners and their landscape. Through our many years of custom design experience, we can create just about anything to make a water feature that suits you. Have questions about water features, or have a water feature idea of your own? Let’s talk! Call us at (317) 997-4803, or send us an email.

Eagleson Landscape Company provides landscape and hardscape services in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers and Geist.

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