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Flowering Wisdom | Gardening Quotes
January 30, 2017
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February 6, 2017
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What Landscape Maintenance Means to Eagleson Landscape Co.

indianapolis_yard_ landscape maintenance

The term “landscape maintenance” can be confusing to homeowners. Different yard companies include different services within their maintenance plans. To Eagleson Landscape Co, landscape maintenance means making the most of your current yard. Keeping your outdoor space beautiful is all about the details, clearing plant beds of leaves, sticks and other debris, trimming bushes and trees so they do not look overgrown, and edging and mulching plant beds to keep grass and weeds at bay. For some homes, it can also mean repairing outdoor living areas as well. Maintenance varies depending on the yard, the plants and the landscape design, as well as what season it is.

Some of our clients keep up most of their yard themselves and only ask for seasonal help, while others want us to manage everything. That being said, knowing all the details of what’s best for a landscape is complicated; some tasks like trimming, pruning and mulching can harm plants if done incorrectly.

Trimming and Pruning

Keeping your bushes and trees tidy is the goal of trimming, but it also takes into account when your plants bloom. Taking shears to a plant in the wrong season can result in you missing out on the beauty of its blooming period. Pruning is central to the health of your landscaping, removing dead or diseased areas and promoting new growth (click  here to read more about pruning). Both trimming and pruning, if done improperly, can do more damage than good to a plant, which is why hiring a professional for these two tasks can be the safer option.

landscape maintenance_bushes

Maintaining Plant Beds

Clearing plant beds of debris is crucial to plant health. If beds aren’t cleaned out, they become homes for diseases and insects. Spring and fall are good times to invest in tidying up.

Grass (and weeds) like to encroach on every square inch of land they can, making edging and mulching important to keep your yard looking tidy. We spade-edge the beds we take care of, (the ground tends to spit out plastic or metal edging over time), and take pride in our straight lines and swooping curves.

landscape maintenance_spade edge

Mulch is not so simple as dumping a pile of wood chips around your beds. Too much coverage can smother plants, and a poor spread looks messy. We take the time to make every space look smooth and professional, and lay the correct amount of mulch plants can handle.

landscape maintenance_front yard

Shifting Landscapes, Patios and Hardscapes:

A landscape grows and changes over the years; plants die, walls and patios shift. We at Eagleson Landscape can include landscape and hardscape fixes in our maintenance—not something every landscaper or lawn care professional can do. With our extensive knowledge of creating outdoor living spaces, landscape designs and proper yard drainage systems, we have the capability to assess problems and fix them.

We always tailor our services to what our clients are looking for. From seasonal maintenance to a once-a-year checkup, we can keep a trained eye on your landscape and help make it grow to its full potential.

Eagleson Landscape Company provides landscape and hardscape services in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers and Geist.

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